By and for human trafficking victims & prevention

Garima Nepal (Glory of Nepal) is all about helping human trafficking victims and prevention in Nepal. 


Our directors and mission make Garima Nepal a rising force to combat human trafficking in Nepal.

Garima Nepal is working to  earn your support. 

Devi and Kishan Nepali

After years in Kolkata working with human trafficking victims, wife and husband team Devi & Kishan are back in Nepal working with Garima Nepal.

Awareness Programs

Education for At-Risk Kids

Lack of education is at the root of much human trafficking victimization of girls in poor villages in Nepal. Garima Nepal is finding resources to enroll as many as possible in primary and secondary schools.

Garima Nepal is conducting awareness programs in villages surrounding the Kathmandu Valley, and to the most remote areas of Nepal, to educate potential victims.