Welcome to the Garden of Nepal jewelry bazaar in which all of the products are created by human trafficking victims. From crosses to bling to evening...

Rescued largely from Kolkata, India after being taken from their villages in Nepal as young girls, Garden of Nepal employs human traffiking victims as a means for them to become independent women that can return home and lead good, stable lives.



A word from Bobbie Richards at the TheoEco Institute


Human trafficking is an issue that most are aware of but have no idea how to assist. This was me up until quite recently, when my father and I decided we’d like to produce a documentary about the earthquake in Nepal and met Devi Nepali and her husband Kishan. Hearing about these girls, even younger than I at the age of 17, I was moved to assist Devi in this endeavor as marketer, photographer and coordinator of our online store that can distribute all across the world.

          Jewelry Sets                       Necklaces                                Bangles                                   Beaded Crosses

Each piece of Garden of Nepal jewelry is individually handmade and unique.

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